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and if you know -- you know her. silver logan is in studio with us this morning and talk about a big event this week. >> she's a multitalented woman. >> and isn't that clever? >> it is. >> and speak of multitalented. gwen tolbert is here with a look at our weather. >> now i can't do this anymore. i want to show off all of my other talents. let me start with the first one. maybe not the first but light start and speak of that, how's that? okay. weather, we have weather for this weekend and a few clouds skirting past the satellite radar composite there and not a lot is happening and we have some clear skies ahead. 81 degrees at national airport
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and 79 at dulles and baltimore and close to seasonal and on the mark for national and we are exactly where we should be for this time of the year and here's a look at temperatures now and -- i thought that was temperatures now and i thought i showed you some winds. 65 degrees right now at national airport as we said and temperatures into the low 60s, the mid-60s and gradually climbing up there and these are the winds. we expect them to pick up a bit over the water and we have a small craft advisory for today and if you want to enjoy the sun, be aware of that. winds from 7 to 15 miles per hour and higher gusts as far as the waterways are concerned. talking 78 degrees and plenty of sunshine. just a few clouds, comfortable and pleasant. we have the winds pushing in from the northwest and a bit of rain heading our way on the weekend and i'll have the details later but it's not a
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washout. >> back to you. our top story this morning, the q'uran-burning controversy is getting more and more complicated as the saturday event draws closer and that confusion, the pastor jones called off the burning. he's not sure this morning. >> a deal may be fall a part and may never have existed, as a matter of fact. jones said he was lied to and may move ahead with his plan. doug lou sueder is live with the latest. >> reporter: was there ever a deal, there is a great deal of confusion and at this point, we don't know what this florida pastor is going to do. the sentiments of this florida church are still clear. what will happen next is not. the pastor terry jones said he's confused and in his words, devastated. >> i was lied to. that is not what we were told. >> reporter: he agreed to cancel his planned q'uran
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burning tomorrow after pressure. even robert gates asked him to back off to protect u.s. soldiers overseas and a florida imam stepped forward to broker a deal. according to jones, the imam behind the planned mosque near ground zero in new york city agreed to move it and the florida imam stood by jones earlier in the day when the deal was announceed. >> the iman has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> reporter: but then it began to fall a part. the imam behind the new york mosque said there was no deal, putting out this statement: we're not going to toy with our religion or any other nor are we going barter. we're here to extend our hands and build peace and harmony and the florida iman said nothing was final. >> that's correct. until we fly to new york and meet with the imam and his leadership, to make that final decision, it's not my decision.
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>> and that is not true. that is absolutely -- i have several witnesses that were there in the room, we made it very clear. he repeated it back that the i man there in new york -- iman there in new york said they would move the mosque. >> reporter: for now, the burning is on hold or is it? we'll have to wait on to see what he appears to do. they have just made matters worse. >> thank you. and to a developing story from california. it's a natural gas explosion and we reported on those before you go not like this and that irk initial blast set off fire after fire in the neighborhood incinerating dozens of homes in hours and that happened in san bruno south of france. the death toll has gone up in this disaster, we learned. sherri ly has the latest. this is an extraordinary story,
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sherry. >> reporter: it's unbelievable when you look at the fire burning through the neighborhood, tony, and firefighters won't get a full handle on the destruction for hours, but we already know that the san bruno fire department said six people are dead and dozens more hurt and that fire is still burning. >> the beds were shaking. almost like an earthquake but more powerful. >> reporter: the explosion set off a fireball hundreds of feet high. the heat so intense, people could feel it a half a mile away. the flames spread like a wildfire leaving people little time to escape. >> it was a massive explosion, i ran outside of my garage anlo could see the flames. >> reporter: several people were taken to area hospitals with severe -- severe burns, some in critical condition. the explosion is being blamed on a ruptured gas line. the first priority is shutting down the gas line.
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>> and we have crews on site right now working to control the distribution line to make sure we shut off the gas in the area to make it safe for everybody. that is our highest priority right now. >> reporter: the fire destroyed 54 homes, another 120 damaged. people in the neighborhood can't believe the destruction. >> it was pretty big. huge. >> the apocalypse here. thursday after work and nobody would expect something like. this. >> reporter: neighbors say they have smelled gas in the area over the past few weeks but it's unclear if that is connected to the explosion. >> and we will fully cooperate and the investigation will look into any kind of thoughts about when or if there was any gas smelled in the area. >> reporter: firefighters won't be able to complete a full search until this afternoon. it's unclear how many more people may be missing. witnesses say the explosion left the crater the size of an intersection and blew out a water main, explaining why
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firefighters had to pump water from two miles away to fight the fire. it's still dark there. once the sun is up, search-and- rescue crews will have a better chance to go door-to-door to search for more victims. tony? >> and thank you very much. meanwhile in colorado, wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour are hampering efforts to battle a raging wildfire near boulder. more than 170 buildings and 10 square miles of land have been burned so far and authorities briefly lifted the evacuation of certain neighborhoods yesterday and only long enough for residents to get in and grab belongings and get out. the fire is 30% contained. tomorrow marks 9 years since the terrorist act take on september 11th. today, the department of homeland security janet napolitano, thek is, will be at grouping and vice president joe biden will travel to new york. president obama will be there for ceremonies at the pentagon. the first lady, michelle obama, will travel to the site of the crash of flight 93 near
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shanksville, pennsylvania, joined by former first lady laura bush. and for the first time since may, president barack obama will hold a press conference at the white house this morning. he'll answer tough questions, no doubt, from reporters on topics from the economy to iraq and afghanistan. we'll, of course, carry the news conference live on fox 5 and that happens at 11:00. if you can get to a tv, we'll stream it live on our website, allison, one of the three american hikers jailed in iran for more than a year will be released. sarah shurd will be sent home saturday in an act of clemmencey to mark the end of ramadan, a holy month on the islamic calendar. she and her boyfriend and their friend were arrested and accused of spying 13 months ago, maintaining they were hikeing in iraq and accidentally crossed the border. a federal judge in southern california ruled the military's ban on openly-gay military service members is unconstitutional. the government's don't- ask/don't-tell policy doesn't
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help military readiness and has a harmful effect on the armed services instead. the epjunction was sought by the log cabin republicans and with a promise from president obama he will work to peel the policy. two families have no place to live after a fire in the district overnight. a mattress caught fire inside a building on m street in southeast. they got the call before 2 in the morning and immediately evacuated the building. 12 people are getting assistance now from the red cross. tony. and a metro access driver has been arrested after a customer claimed he sexually assaulted her. samuel kingston is employed by a subcontractor used by metro. the victim said he sexually assaulted her on august 27th in montgomery county. he was arrested on sunday and charged with third- and fourth- degrees offense and second- degree assault. >> a special ed student filed a lawsuit taking yale at a school system and the teacher who got
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her pregnant. she's suing d.c. public schools chancellor michelle rhee and the former teacher robert wisemiller for civil rights violations, negligent hiring and emotional distress. the lawsuit said two years ago other staff members at the transition academy saw her and wisemiller in the classroom during lunch with the lights off and did nothing. a paternity test revealed he fathered her baby. she's also accusing him of having sex with other students. we have a correction to a story that fox 5 reported last night at 5 and 10. we were reporting on a 15-year- old who was killed, justin pinole, you see him here. he died after being shot on tuesday night and during the reports, we mistakenly showed a picture of another boy who is not the victim and is not the boy shot. we apologize to the family for the mistake. not in our backyard, what one community -- community is telling the mother-daughter teen. they want to open a adult shop in the downtown strip.
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and driving may have deadly results. you might be surprised how easily you can be distracted. gurvir is out at a distracted drive test site and will do that live. we'll see how she does. we'll be back in a moment. 
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>> we know that texting while driving is irresponsible and in a split second, its consequences can be devastating. it's not just texting, rather, that is unsafe. eating or changing a cd can be distracting. >> the fairfax county police department is launching a campaign educating drivers about the alarming results of distracted driving. our gurvir dhindsa is in fairfax and is going to take a distracted driver test. >> reporter: hey,en totony, hey, al -- hey, tony, hey, allison. just a split secona is all it takes and you're right, tony. fairfax is not just doing an
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education campaign, they're getting serious about this and can't kuillen is the commander of the traffic division for fairfax county police and yew saying we're not playing anywhere. >> absolutely and we're serious and that has gotten to be an 'demic and it's dangerous. we're starting today where we're asking the media to come out and help us get the message out. >> right. >> and putting the different representatives through the concourses to show them how dangerous that distracted driving is. we will -- who are eating, grooming or talking on the cell phone and they're driving and talking -- suffering because of it and we will be charging them with failure to pay full time attention to their driving and see them in court. >> and someone might say it's not illegal to eat and in virginia, it's not illegal to
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be on your cell phone while driving. however, if it causes an accident or effects your driving, that is the issue. >> absolutely and even though it's not illegal to do some of the activities, it's causing a problem and distracted driving is causing 80, 85% of the crashes that are how ther -- out here and we have to put a stop to it and make people realize how dangerous it is. if they're swerving and not going a green light. >> right. >> we're going to stop and charge them. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> i'm going take the test. >> good luck. >> and we'll see how this goes. officer joe moore is going to help us out and is going to be sort of -- thanks for being her -- he's going tell us, tell me how to -- what i'm supposed to be doing while we drive so here we go. >> buckle up. >> buckle up and crank up the car. okay. >> now we have driven this with no distraction. >> that's right. >> and now we're going to
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introduce -- the distraction that you would have. >> okay. >> driving. >> and here we go. >> and going to start out, i will have you call and speak with officer huber. >> die need to dial the number? >> it's calling. >> okay. >> we're going to make a left here. >> hey, it's gurvir. >> make a left here. >> and you can call me gurvir. i'm just taking this distracted driving test. >> pull in -- . >> okay, i'm trying to pull into the parking space if you bear with me a little bit. >> [ horn honking ] >> i'm at the mall. and parking is kind of tight. >> somebody's honking at me. >> we can go back out the same way we came. >> hang on, i have to back out of the space without running into the lady back here. >> okay, all right. >> pull down here and into this
9:18 am
next parking space. >> longer than i care to admit. >> inma thaparking space. >> oh, shoot, i'm sorry. >> i passed up my parking place back here. i have to back in. okay. okay. yes. >> okay, that is good. pull here to the right and -- >> come on toa complete stop. >> sorry, i have two people talking to me at the same time. what did you say? using your left turn signal, go down there thastraightaway. >> i have two little ones at home, yes, i do, two years old wearing me out. you know what? i always have to remind myself not to turn around and -- . >> go do the end a right.
9:19 am
>> even if they're fussing, i have to keep my eyes on the road. okay, here we go. >> yeah. >> going to make one revolution around the circle. no, one revolution around the circle, like we did before. >> page 2. hang on. i'm going to try to steer with my knee. page 2, hanger, dude. oh, man. okay. >> go straight down this straightaway and make a left. >> i'm on page 2, gw parkway, what am i supposed to do? >> i'm supposed to exit at -- . >> make a left-hand turn here. >> hold on. i think -- hang on. okay. here we go.
9:20 am
and i think i'm supposed to exit at memorial bridge. >> okay. >> yup. >> now, we're going safely merge on to the roadway. >> okay, i have to look and see. somebody's coming this way. hang on. all right. yeah, i guess. [ laughter ] i'm going about 25 miles per hour right now. >> we're going to we've in between and -- weave in between back and forth. >> okay, listen, i have to -- i have to go through here. it's tricky through here. okay. >> no, but i have to admit that sometimes i do text while i drive and i think that can be a
9:21 am
little scary. >> how did i do? >> not too bad. >> we saw a lot of the same stuff that we would expect to see. >> okay. >> eyes off the roadway, not looking over the shoulder. >> yes. >> you missed the the turn. >> i missed my space because i was listening to him and -- >> trying to do too many things at one time. >> okay. >> coming to a complete stop in the roadway. >> right. >> a lot of stuff is dangerous and a lot of stuff is a nuisance on that roadway when people aren't going at a green light when they should. >> okay, thanks. appreciate it. >> sure. >> and thanks a lot. that is going to do it. it's scary. >> all right, gurvir, thank you so much. >> you can hear me? >> yeah. [ indiscernible ] >> how did you think you did? >> i think we all do it. so -- . >> and this is an example, we
9:22 am
have to keep the speeds low for safety. what we're doing is introducing kind of driving and adding a distraction but if you're in the roadway, you see it -- . >> right. >> out on the interstate, people doing two or three things at one time. >> okay. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much, gurvir. we see people doing it all the time. >> yeah. >> and that is my pet peeve. >> there is an example there. >> thank you. >> and that -- . >> she did reasonably well. >> and an uncommon disease strikes the area. we'll tell but an outbreak of legion area's disease having officials looking at the water supply. and holly has a preview of a good weekend at best. hole. -- holly. and we're live at the center where they're ready for the national capitol cat show in the 30th year. there is something for every feline lover out there. coming up, we'll show you -- and do you see that?
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you will see it on our show here.
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after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million
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in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
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>> reporter: a deadly rampage at a carrot food plant. a female employee who was just suspended and escorted from the facility, returned and shot three people 10 minutes later. two died, the other victim is in critical condition and 100 worker his to be evacuated. the suspect was captured about an hour later. and in virginia, some people are fighting against a new adult shop coming to the downtown strip in monasses. the mother-daughter owner don't expect anything more racy than in the home adult novelty parties you heard about and that is where the inis perration came from, in fact, and some think it's not appropriate. the owners say no one under 18 would be allowed to enter the store and they have gotten lots of, mail support and have every intention of opening next
9:27 am
month. two residents at trap equality at frederick down in immediate head have been diagnosed with legionnaires disease. it's home to 80 seniors and patients have been treated and released. it's a bacteria found in the plumbing system of facilities and most getp ticketed inhaling water vapor. are you ready? the redskins hit the fields this weekend for the first regular season game. and they're taking on none other than the hated rivals, the dallas cowboys here at fed ex field. dave ross is up next to talk more about what we may see on the field this weekend. and i'm answering a viewer question this morning in our ask allison segment, this has to do with friends and family and how you refer to them. we'll explain. more coming up next. we're back moment. -- in a moment. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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with no term contract, plus the fios tv movie package, and epix free for 12 months. sitting in front of that screen with that internet blazing away at me... i lost all my hair. [ male announcer ] call 1.877.437.fios. call the verizon center for. customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ dennis ] i used to have hair! >> it feels like football weather outside.
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doesn't it? yes. >> it's the big weekend for the redskins and their fans. the first season game of the year. >> and, of course, it's the dallas cowboys, what a way to start the season. dave ross joins us with a look at what we might see on the field this weekend. >> or who we won't see. we'll get to that. >> oh. and what do you like best with the big rivalry game? obviously, i love the rivalry. >> yeah. >> and i love the cliches coming with it. do you have any quickly, tony? allison? >> i can't say. >> do or die? >> these two things don't like each other. >> right. >> the two teams. >> yeah. >> and you can't throw the records out. they're 0-0. doesn't matter. >> the rivalry is a great rivalry and it's been over 50 years ago that it began, you can believe that? tony, you haven't seen all the games. its 101st game this meeting and this series has not goop the way of the gold and cowboys won 14 and including two last year
9:32 am
and a heartbreaker, 7-6 in week 11 and in the year, 17-0 and one reason for hope and optimism is because there is a new man in charge, yes, we're talking about the head coach, mike shanahan and the quarterback, donovan mcnabb. it's going to be fine. you see the high leg kicks. >> yeah. >> and that is a good sign for a bad ankle. >> and a rockette. >> absolutely. >> and is going to be fine. going to play sunday night. this is the reason why you go out and get this guy, tony. for games like this and a matchup against the cowboys and -- >> right. >> he does not. >> and you're hoping with the better supporting cast, i think sunday night is different. so, we will find out there and one other question we have to answer. will big albert hainesworth plain play?
9:33 am
we don't know and they have a 53-man active roster o. game day, they can keep 45. >> uh. >> and you're good at math. eight guys are not going to play and albert hainesworth could be one of those guys. >> really? if the head coach wants to make a point and say, hey, look, he didn't do it the way we wanted to and you're going to sit on sunday night. >> if they do that to him, a completely -- [ indiscernible ] someone at all. >> i think they need them. >> record -- and mcnabb said that this week, too. they need him to be -- . >> yeah. >> as good as he can be, which is really good when you get a properly motivated 92 and that right there is probably not. >> no. >> i agree with steve cheveney. this is the kind of game that haines worth could play game in. >> yeah. >> and that is against the
9:34 am
cowboys, when he might show up and play. >> agreed and of course you have to take with steve cheveney with a grain of salt. he went to lady gaga. [ laughter ] >> and take his football expertise on that one. >> wow. >> he's not here to defend him. >> and another big game this weekend, and that real h sucks on the line. >> that's right. >> pirates. >> i'm from virginia beach. >> and go -- >> yeah. >> what happened? >> i'm going to do that. >> i'm from here, too, go pirates. >> i have -- and this is in the u.s. >> oh! >> and -- >> all right. >> we're delivering some false football for you and he's a look at our satellite radar composite, folks and have some sunshine. a few clouds and not a lot happening and we're going to show you the football forecast in just a bit and remnants of
9:35 am
hermine, moving right towards the mid-atlantic and it's expected to arrive on our doorstep into sunday and also, it's associated with the frontal system and we'll talk about that as well. as far as the skies are concerned, things are nice outside and fairly clear as well. we don't have like a lot going on across the region as far as that goes and not all bad. not all bad at all and so, let's see. trying to get the maps to move here. they don't want it moved and talk about the temperatures, they're not doing badly either and in the 60s everywhere in the area. 65 at baltimore as well and 61 degrees at gaithersburg. as we move ahead, this is a look at what we're talking about. farley clear skies, as i said and when we look at what is happening with that frontal system moving in, we're going to see a difference. this is tropical depression igor weakening out and could gape strength by saturday and not a lot is happening with it
9:36 am
and that could be a tropical storm by the time we move through into the next 24 hours or so and bringing it back here at home, things are calmer and this is going to interact and expecting rain in some overnight hours of saturday and that could linger into the first part of sunday and the weekend is not a washout and we're going to see yet stick around. the redskins games, we'll have some partly cloudy skies, temperatures at 73 degrees and kickoff at 8:20 and expect that wet weather the first part of the day and we'll look at the five-day forecast for you quickly and here we go. some rain by the time sunday rolls around. and let's answer our ask allison question this week. we have had a few weeks off and glad to get back into this and an anonymous viewer writes as a
9:37 am
single bomb of two little girls, i sometimes feel that i am a little overprotective. my question is: my ex at times introduces his male friends to our daughters as uncle so and so and uncle john, uncle steve. is it appropriate for him to do so? she said i talk to my daughters of good things and bad things. it's only so much i can do if the protection doesn't come from both parents. i often think if my daughters feel comfortable with daddy's friends and something happens while they're around that person, they would think it's okay because daddy said he's our uncle. this is about setting boundaries as i see it here. this mom is worried about throwing around a special distinction of the term uncle to men who are friends of the father. it's complicated because the parents report together and the mom is not necessarily around when her daughters are told to
9:38 am
address the men as uncle. she may not know the gentlemen. also, the problem here, calling them uncle gives the girls a sense that these men, virtual strangers to the girls, can be trusted like a family member. so, mom, you asked me what i thought about it. i think if this bothers you and clearly it does, you have to have that talk with your ex, explain your fears and your concerns. okay, you might be in for a defensive reaction because he might look at this like you're attacking this judgement and the character of his buddies. hey, parents have to make tough decisions and if your gut is telling you something, you have to go with it, your girls are worth the fight. >> that is tough, though. we do this in our own home. my special friends are called aunt. >> right. >> and i don't have any necessary uncles, you know, and mark takes care of that, i know
9:39 am
them very well. >> they're friends. >>, and you know, we know them together and i understand this mom's point here. >> i think you're right on with the advice. it's about the kids. you have to focus on the kids. >> a boundary. >> right. >> and what they are and i think in this case, she make good points. >> right. >> and i asked sidney. she said if you said this was uncle or aunt, i would trust them more and i feel like you trust them enough to call me that. send the question to ask allison, find the lisping on coming up, she's an accuse -- link on coming up, an accused russian spy and what she hopes to do in her home country of russia. and there could be a big honor in the works for the civil rights pioneer, dr. dorothyhood. we're going to tell you -- did dorothy hyde. what is planned to remember the influential woman.
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. >> an espionage modeling a proposed movie deal. the former russian spy ana
9:43 am
chapman is considering a new career, politics. she may run in next year's russian election. no word on what office but she is launching a website soon. she wouldn't be the first former spy to go into russian politics. several others succeeded, including prime minister putin. the u.s. post office on massachusetts avenue northeast could be named after dr. dorothy hyde. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton plans to propose a bill to rename it dr. dorothy hyde. it's time to put her name on a significant building in the district and dr. hyde died in april. celebrities mall -- for walking together to take a dramatic stand against cancer and tonight's fund raising telecast will raise awareness and millions of dollars by using some of hollywood's biggest names to get the message out and you can help without leaving your living room and catch it at 8 on fox
9:44 am
5. >> should be a good show. >> should be. and [ indiscernible ] >> that's okay. >> and the annual national capital cat show is this weekend. >> and that is -- silly. holly is there with the details next. >> she's like what is funny, tony. joining us live in studio and to perform about a big event she's part of and that has to do with dr. dorothy he'd. back in a moment. ce
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> if you are a cat fan, holly morris has the play place for you to go this weekend. >> she's at the dulles center where they're hosting more. >> reporter: good morning, guys, there are a lot of pretty
9:48 am
kitties here and what can we say, a kitty a cruet remont. everything your cat needs and does not really need but would like to have and this is -- for a cat, i have to say and a wonderful stroller for the cat. hope is having a good morning here and taking it all in and that is how you roll. if you're a cat, press for your owner is to get one of these. i want to bring ken curly with us. he's been with the t show since the beginning 30 years ago. some might say this is over the top. >> not for an exotic. [ laughter ] >> and -- >> especially a beautiful one like that. >> this cat deserves to ride warned in some -- ride around? in something like that and there are a lot of vendors here this weekend. is there anything new here? >> and anything you can imagine
9:49 am
having to do with cats. >> wow. >> you can come here and buy a cat and leave with the cat in. >> you can. >> and rescue groups. >> right. >> and -- >> don't they have to do a background? uh-huh. >> and one of the big things is the meet and greet? >> we don't have pets, we'll have agility, of course, which they're going to show in a minute and if you want to learn about the certain breeds, come in and enjoy the show. >> we have a lot of different breeds and can you quickly tell me if you're a first-time cat owner, what is a good breed? >> if you want something more active -- you will see and here we have a click down persian,
9:50 am
and in his underwear. it's a summer time haircut and that is -- this is a brown tabby persian female. >> are all cats cuddily? >> for the most part. >> yeah? >> they dependent and independent. they're dependent upon a section and care, of course and that makes them a unique breed. >> a lot of people get cats instead of the dog because they're lower maintenance. >> depends on the breed and -- >> with one of the hairless ones, it would be easier to take care-them. >> and that regular hair appointment. >> obviously, not low maintenance if you're competing and this is a big competition show. >> you're welcome. >> and i want to make sure i get here and this is jill archibald. >> hi, how are you doing in. i think this is something people -- associate with dogs? yes. >> how does this work?
9:51 am
>> they learned how to do it today. >> wow. >> and you start up at the stairs. uh-huh. and hit all the obstacles with no mistakes. they're doing it for fun and not competition. >> okay. >> and i will let you go ahead after i tried it once. >> this is serious business. >> and this is leroy. >> looks like one likes it. are cats natural? >> this is a cat chasing the pray. >> and that one had all the prey, i think. >> is that is the first time. >> really? yes. >> stay ahead. >> and come ---- . >> go flow there. knee, no, i promised i would be on the other side and here we go. come on. >> and, come on. dude, i'm telling you to go this way. it's not working, jill.
9:52 am
>> is our website. we have a link to the national capitol cat show going this saturday and send and the cat's like you're making me dizzy and if you love them, come on out. >> and make me look good. >> yes. come on! come on, jethro. >> and have a great weekend. a d.c.-based artist take part in two events this weekend and doubling up on the performances for this lady is not unexpected and this is -- >> yes. >> she's not a singer who performed with chic and kidd rock but a business woman whose line of jewelry has been wonder by the likes of elton john and has a new solo cd called place to begin. we're happy to you have here. you're a busy woman. >> i'm trying and trying to stay busy. >> and that is new, tell us
9:53 am
about that. >> finally, my first debut solo cd. amen. >> yeah. >> and that is available on cd baby and itunes and working on getting it there and if you -- if you want real love songs, original songs and motivating songs. this is your cd. >> and you are so smart, too and we look at you and you have a style. >> and your line is called silver wear. beautiful jewelry. >> thank you. >> and that is an expression of you. how can they see that? >> it's on but it's s-y-l-v-e-r-w-a-e- there are a lot of people that don't know i'm a recording artist or a jewelry designer. >> right. >> and if you google it, you will find everything. that is the website where you can go to find the music and where we're going to perform and the latest collection on
9:54 am
seal sale. >> yeah. >> and doing a new collection right now. >> okay. >> -- on sale and that is going to be available during the caucus at a pop-up mall and across from the politic. going on the 18th and in the caucus area for the convention center and what have you and come check it out. i will be there physically. >> and with that jewelry? >> yes. >> the black family reunion this weekend. >> and they're both special in their own right. >> and absolutely. it's an honor to be a d.c. resident and take part in the event and my band and i are going to perform on the roots and rhythm stage at 4:00, the daytime stage with all the artists and at 5:30, we will go to the main stage and we're going to perform with an amazing group called step africa.
9:55 am
>> and on that show. >> i heard. >> we going to do a piece called wade. check it out. >> what are you going to do for us now? >> don't give up on you. the single from our current cd. >> very good. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> here she is, silver sharp logan. ♪ ♪[singing] imagine ♪ close your eyes ♪ and imagine. ♪ ♪ ♪ imagine a world when no one cared ♪ the color for skin. ♪ ♪ imagine a place where everyone only danced to win.
9:56 am
♪ ♪ some of us call our world a peaceful place ♪ but if you could go back, think of everything you changed ♪ imagine -- imagine ♪ >> no more reasons why. >>i margin anything you try ♪ ♪ don't give up, no. ♪ ♪ 7 ♪
9:57 am
♪ ♪ ksgo t "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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